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Why join CalCL?

The California College Libertarians is the official student arm of the Libertarian Party of California. We intend to establish a presence of the Libertarian Party of California onto college and university campuses statewide. We seek to play an active role in the political dialogue on such said campuses and keep liberty at the forefront of the political conversation. We will support rising student leaders. We will use our network of chapters to support the Libertarian Party of California and contribute manpower and votes to achieve electing Libertarian candidates. We plan to actively promote issues valued by the Libertarian Party and to collaborate with state and county Libertarian Party chapters. We aim to connect with students and show them the benefits to their choice of embracing libertarianism. The goal of the California College Libertarians is to integrate the students’ values of liberty into an identity with the Libertarian Party, therefore creating a life-long member. Join us!


Introducing Megan Cooke

I am happy to announce a new member to the CalCL team, Meagn Cooke. Megan Cooke is currently a student at the University of California Los Angles, pursuing degrees in Economics and Business Administration. In her free time, she enjoys reading Reason magazine, jogging and calligraphy. Megan will be contributing…


Happy New Year

Its hard to imagine that a new year is upon us already. If you’re considering new year resolutions, why not consider joining the California College Libertarians? We can always use people to help us start up chapters across the state and to help us organize things. You might wish to…


Cheer Up. Things will be okay.

If you are reading this then you might be a bit sour after looking at the election results and seeing that the midterm elections haven’t changed much in state politics. Gov. Brown is still around along with his Democrat allies in the state legislature. It is okay though – there…


Don’t forget to vote!

Today is the big day, it’s midterm elections and the stakes are high. The future of California is in your hands. Your vote will decide whether our golden state continues to shine or whether it declines. Your vote will determine the fate of millions of California. Well- no not really….


Are you ready to vote?

It is too late to register to vote in the upcoming midterm election on November the 4th, but if you haven’t already you should consider registering online anyway to get a head start for next time. You can find your local polling place online at the Secretary of State website…


Proposition 2 – Rainy Day Fund Reform

California state elections are on November 4th. You can register to vote online. The California Libertarian Party has a list of endorsed candidates and recommendations for ballot proposals. One of the ballots under consideration in the upcoming election is proposition two, which would increase the state’s ‘rainy day fund’ account. 1.5% of general tax…


How do you vote?

Over at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) we get this gem. The comic pokes fun at how partisan politics aren’t based on facts and that people vote on silly parameters such as ‘who is tallest’. Is the American public wrong for treating politics like a game? Not at all. Keeping…


This Week on Campus (October 6th to 12th)

This Week on Campus aims to round up news and commentary pieces of note from university papers across the state. If you would like to recommend an article feel free to email us at michelangelolandgrave@gmail.com The biggest news story of the week of course is that Cal Poly Pomona is…


Proposition 48 – Should we let Indians gamble?

California state elections are on November 4th. You can register to vote online. The California Libertarian Party has a list of endorsed candidates and recommendations for ballot proposals. Under California law government recognized Indian tribes may operate casinos on their land. California should be applauded for allowing Indians to do as they freely wish…