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The California College Libertarians is the official student arm of the Libertarian Party of California. We intend to establish a presence of the Libertarian Party of California onto college and university campuses statewide. We seek to play an active role in the political dialogue on such said campuses and keep liberty at the forefront of the political conversation. We will support rising student leaders. We will use our network of chapters to support the Libertarian Party of California and contribute manpower and votes to achieve electing Libertarian candidates.

We plan to actively promote issues valued by the Libertarian Party and to collaborate with state and county Libertarian Party chapters. We aim to connect with students and show them the benefits to their choice of embracing libertarianism. The goal of the California College Libertarians is to integrate the students’ values of liberty into an identity with the Libertarian Party, therefore creating a life-long member. Join us!

Click here to read the official statement of the Libertarian Party of California which unanimously approved the affiliation of CalCL as its official student arm.


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California College Libertarians

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